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November 2018 - Present

I have recently been accepted into the hammerhead insiders scheme where the company itself gives students and other people interested in media and game the opportunity to come in and play test games as well as see the work environment.


February 2016 - CCP Game Studio (Gateshead)

Because of my high grades whilst at Darlington College i was specifically chosen to test a game called EVE: Valkyrie as part of my second year work experience project. I spent the day in a professional work environment and signed a nondisclosure agreement until the game's release. This experience gave me the ability to understand my room for improvement and improve my skills in any work environment.


October 2016 - Stadium of Light Convention

During my time at Darlington College i had the opportunity to make some promotional content for upcoming gaming and comic convention called King Con hosted at the stadium of light. This promotional content was in the form of a video game, i had  a whole year to work on this project and each month I had to meet deadlines and other objectives to make sure I had a stable workflow. I have now the ability to work towards deadlines and manage my time correctly. 

The game was a 2D side scroller that was made in unreal engine, During the creation process i was to make sprites as well as flip books, mechanics and environments. The game was downloadable on the conventions website and also had its own booth at the convention within the colleges section. This game was good to work on as it was my first piece of work that was shown off to others and used as content.

Further information can be found here:


May 2016 - Darlington College

I have had a one off teaching experience at Darlington College, my previous teacher had given me the opportunity to teach a classroom full of students that were wishing to join the college the following summer. This meant that when it came to teaching the class i had to make a 6 hour lesson plan to make sure that everything will go to plan, on top of that I also had to make a backup in case something went wrong with the original plan. This part of experience has left me with the ability to plan ahead of time and be more confident and outspoken person.


January 2016 - Thrive - Aycliffe

During my time at Darlington College i had the opportunity to do some promotional work doing animation for a company called thrive. The work we were doing was for an upcoming advert that they used to promote their company.

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