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This is my Project section, here you can see all of the things that i have worked on as well as personal projects. I try to make sure that all of the projects that i work on are very different to each other showing that my work is a large range. I hope you find something that takes your interest.



"Fun with physics"

Throttle is a project that i have been working on as part of my final year project and still on going. It is a arcade style kart racer where your skills are going to be put to the test to dodge obstacles, oncoming traffic and beat other players time. I am planning to show this game off at expo-tees later in the year.


"A 2.5D experience solving puzzles in a plane shifting house"

This project was part of a beta arcade module for university where we got to choose our own teams based upon others abilities, from there Low World was made. The player will have to hide from a monster that roams the house whilst trying to complete puzzles to set the souls of the trapped toys.


"Find out how your favourite universe was created"

During my second year of university we were put into groups and given a theme of the borderlands IP and created a game anyways we wanted. We went for a survival FPS where the player will be fighting waves of enemies swinging through trees in order to defeat the final boss.



"World creation through materials."

Material creation along with other tech art elements is something i have always loved working on in my spare time as it gives me a way to visualise my ideas and be more visually creative, i picked up substance designer in early 2018 and have been hooked ever since working in the software whenever i have free time.


"4 Player bird frenzy"

Between 2 - 4 players battle it out head to head to be crowned the best bird, players can pick from a range of game modes from elimination, dodge-ball, football and even a victory run.

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